It’s time for Microsoft to deliver the Global version of Dynamics NAV containing all country localization in one single database.

There is some historical reason why we have different country version back from the Navision days, when each country developed and maintained their own local version. Today this is done in a central way by Microsoft development center.

There has also been some work to include common function in the W1 version from different country version. And also work to group similar modification for many countries. It’s time to take the final step.

With a G1 version, all different country specific function should be included in same source base. In the setup for each companies, you will choose with country specific function that should be enabled. Also the language layers should be an easy setup to choose or download direct from the setup.

The reason to have one G1 version is many.

First of all, many companies are global, and have business in many countries. For example, it’s not uncommon that a Swedish company also have subsidiaries in other Nordic countries like Norway, Denmark and Finland. Even really small companies.

Today we need to purchase a license for each country. We then have two option. Run the companies in different databases or merge functionality to same database. Both are expensive.

As a Global ISV we also have our own IP and need to localized this to each country version. We made a work many years ago, to package all our add-ons in same database. And with an Application Manger, we can switch on and off different function based on each customer/user needs.

And with 19 different Dynamics Country version, with 12 Cumulative Updates each year. It’s a lot work to maintained this. Even if we have PowerShell script possibility.

If we also add some other Partners Add-on, it’s a lot of works to maintain each deliverable setup.

When we now delivery our solution as a SAAS, it will be done on a Global Market. We need one single source base, to build and deliver our solution from.

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